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Iwate/Morioka regional tourist information center

Iwate/Morioka regional tourist information center

Iwate-Hanamaki Airport Information Desk

Tourist Information Center

Tourist information desks in major train stations around Iwate offer useful information to foreign tourists. You can pick up pamphlets and maps, book accommodation and tours, and buy tickets of all kinds.

Tourist Information Center Morioka City is convenient for tourists traveling to Iwate by the Shinkansen. For those flying, a tourist desk is available at Iwate-Hanamaki Airport. You can find a list of tourist information centers of Iwate, which is more than pleased to serve foreigners, in a database managed by the Japan National Tourism Organization.

Tourist Information Center Morioka City
Opening hours: 9:00-17:30
Tel: 019-625-2090 (Offers services in English)

Iwate-Hanamaki Airport Information Desk
Opening hours: 8:15-19:15
Tel: 019-826-5011 (Offers services in Chinese only during arrival and departure of international flights)

Downloadable Brochures

Download handy pamphlets and maps here if you are planning your trip or are already on the road.

It varies by area, but Iwate’s cherry blossoms are generally in full bloom from April to May

Fall foliage is at its best in October and November

Winter brings snow to the mountains and joy to skiers

Iwate’s Weather

Iwate’s climate varies widely depending on the area. Most of Iwate’s inland areas are mountainous, with the Ou Mountains on the western border with Akita prefecture and the Kitakami Highlands in the east. The Kitakami River flows south between these two mountain ranges, with fertile plains spreading around it.

The areas along the Ou Mountains are blessed with abundant and excellent snow, and boast some of the best ski resorts in Japan. The inland areas along the Kitakami Highlands have plateau and basin climates, with a large temperature difference between summer and winter, and between night and day.

Morioka, the prefectural capital, has many cold days in winter. The coastal areas have a maritime climate: cool in summer, not so much snow and not as cold as the inland areas in winter. Such varying climates contribute to Iwate’s stark and vivid contrast of the four seasons.

Free Wi-Fi

Japan’s telecommunications giant NTT Group offers foreign travellers an app called Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi (Android and iOS). By downloading this app you can enjoy Wi-Fi service at over 160,000 access points all over Japan with a single touch. All functions are free of charge and available in 13 languages. In urban parts of Iwate, many locations such as convenience stores and restaurants have access points.



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