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Kosode Coast; the Northernmost Ama Divers


Kosode Coast
The Kosode Coast is one of the most scenic coasts in Rikuchu Kaigan National Park, located along the southeastern portion of Kuji Bay. There is a great beach with gentle waves, called Funado Beach, where children can play safely. There are also unique rock formations such as Tsuriganedo and Kabutoiwa Rock. Tsuriganedo, or “Hanging-Bell Cave,” used to have a bell-shaped rock hanging from the top; unfortunately, it fell during the Tsunami of 1896, and only the cave remains today. It is said that when a married couple passes away, their spirits meet at this cave and ring the bell before heading to the Pure Land.

The Northernmost Ama Divers
Ama are female freedivers who catch sea urchins and abalones; the ama of Kosode are known as the “Northernmost Ama.” Most ama can dive for about one minute with one breath of air and catch about 10 sea urchins per dive; an experienced ama can dive more than 10 meters deep. Originally, ama were fishermen’s wives who had to maintain the family home and raise children while their husbands were away at sea. You can learn about the history of ama at the Kosode Ama Center, which has displays of ama’s tools, etc. From July to September, ama freediving demonstrations are held at the Center, after which you can eat the freshly caught sea urchins ( reservation required ) .

The Northernmost Ama Festival
( Kuji City )
Held at Kosode Fishing Port, you can see diving demonstrations, eat grilled scallops, and buy fresh seafood. Fun events include the Sea Urchin Catching Contest and local performing arts show. ( 1st Sunday in August )


Kosode, Ube-cho, Kuji CityKosode, Ube-cho, Kuji City
028-0041 岩手県久慈市長内町 小袖海岸
July through September 9:00-18:00 Open every day during the season
500 yen per ama diver ( reservation required )
Access 1
Bus from JR Morioka Station Morioka-Kuji Line ( Shirakaba-go ) Get on at Morioka Station East Exit Boarding Area 1 Get off at Kuji Station Boarding Area 2 2 hr. 42 min. 019-624-4474 ( JR Bus Tohoku at Morioka Station JR Bus Ticket Counter )
Access 2
Bus from JR Kuji Station Kuji Kaigan Line Get on at Kuji Station Boarding Area Get off at Ojiriue 18 min. ride; 10 min. on foot from the stop 0194-53-5200 ( Kuji Resident Bus, Iwate Kenpoku Bus Kuji Office )
Access 3
Taxi About 7 min. from Kuji Station
Access 4
Bicycle Rental Kuji Wide-Area Tourism Council 9:00-18:00 6 bicycles available 0194-53-5756
Access 5
Car About 65 min. from Kunohe IC




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